Welcome to Riliance - Compliance for the Insurance Industry

Riliance is a leading provider of cloud based risk and compliance software to regulated businesses.

Insurers are faced with the increasing challenge of understanding and managing the tangible impact of operational and conduct risk within their business against the FCA’s risk outlook.

Businesses are seeking solutions to effectively manage existing and emerging threats.

Technology implementation is seen as a key strategy to achieve this by enabling real time visibility over day to day conduct, centrally managing activity and streamlining reporting.

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The Riliance platform is a suite of data collection and workflow modules built around core regulatory requirements that gives visibility over key compliance activity to support informed decision making, quality improvements and ultimately deliver better service to their clients.

The Riliance Way

We hire compliance professionals who strive to provide exceptional levels of customer service. At the core of what drives us is a desire to ensure that Riliance users are given the highest levels of compliance support available.

Putting our users first is evident in the solutions we deliver, the support we provide, and the way we market and sell our services.